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Bill's Paintings
I've worn many hats before trying on that of an artist. These included athlete, aspiring physicist, medical entomologist, plant pathologist, parasitologist and ecologist as well as teacher, farmer and scientist. The artist hat seems to be settling nicely after painting in watercolor on vacations since 1980, later with acrylics, now in pen and ink, and oils. I should have started with oils, as they are easier for a beginner to learn with and ultimately have greater potential for expression. But the watercolors were a gift and cheaper. When one has little money for hobbies this is important. My pen and inks are fast, now easy for me and are great for composition and value explorations. The time investment in an oil then becomes a possibility. I am still exploring as a student and do not like to part with most originals as they bring back the good times under the clouds with the waves, trees, birds and bugs.

My wife is my best coach and critic, but many friends have taught me along the way. I still seek a way to affect the world around me in positive ways. Painting beauties around me may wake up others to protect what remains of our damaged world. Peace.
Helga's Puppets
The San Francisco Chronicle titled Helga Williamson and Bill Cassady, “Puppet Masters.”

The Berkeley Puppeteers became well known throughout Northern California, and as far away as Mexico, for their lively and charming revival of the venerable art of the traveling puppet theater. In an era of mass communication, they preserved the freshness and intimacy of this traditional Asian and European art from by playing, for the most part, to small groups of children and adults. A large share of their success is attributable to adherence to the highest standards of craftsmanship in each of the many details of their art — their handcarved puppets, for example, have been exhibited at a number of museums and art festivals. Their repertoire attempted to fuse traditional and archetypical elements with modern ones. Their productions represent ed a careful integration of all of these facets.