SnowBird Diaries
All's well that ends well
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 12:42:18 -0800
Very glad you enjoyed my report - sometimes I figure I go on and on and you can't possibly be interested in all the trivial details.

Our friend camped at Yaqui Well got out all right. The driver of the Tow truck was considerably more savvy than the dispatcher on the phone, as you might suspect. He got her started and we connected up again at the Borrego Springs launderette where we all got our wash done. She's gone to wait for a chance to get on the Internet at the library and we will return to the campground Palm Canyon where we were able to get one of the last hook-ups. Then she'll join us in our parking spot tonight. She may be delayed here for a while waiting for the garage to get her parts.

The problem about shipping the mail was that we originally wanted to ship on Tues. so that we could get the mail before the weekend, that way we could move on toward Arizona next week (don't want it to get so hot we can't enjoy the Tucson area). But then it didn't look like you would get the checks to UPS in time, so we switched the shipping day to Wed. and went out to camp. No phones where we are camping and we had to make a special drive up to Shelter Valley so our friend could call AAA. Now we are back for one night (Thurs) and were hoping to get our shipment tomorrow, shop (the truck comes on Friday noon), go to the farmers market, and head back out for the weekend, since things are so crowded in the town environs on the weekends.

Anyway, guess we will have to come back next week - probably Tuesday when the truck comes again, before heading off. So much depends on the weather. Bill's tolerance for heat is so low he wants to move on as soon as the temp climbs much above 72. It is really only this first part of the trip when things are so complicated. Once the weather forces us out of these more remote desert areas and we get into central Arizona I think there will be phone service everywhere - but, alas, not much free camping!

Maybe next year we can get out in January since we seem better prepared for temps in the 40s than the 80s. We were hoping to intrigue our new friend in following us to KOFA. But now with her car trouble we will just have to play it by ear. She is a lot of fun, knows about birds and plants, in her fifties so a lot more of a vigorous hiker than I am. She's been camping here a month already and was planning to go Yuma next where she has a friend who knows all the ropes about getting dental work done in Algodones where the workmanship is good and everything’s less expensive (even mentioned in the Time magazine article on health care costs you sent us.

We are enjoying our magazines and maybe tonight we can finish the excellent PBS video you sent us on Lincoln and the civil war reconstruction. We are sort of sorry we didn't bring along our old VCR from Lance (now in our bedroom) since it works on DC. But I don't know where we could have stored it.

Love, H