SnowBird Diaries
Fwd: X-mas Eve
Sun, 26 Dec 2004
Howdy all . . . in case you haven't heard from los Bilgas recently, the following may be of interest:

Subject: X-mas Eve
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004

We spent the most perfect X-mas eve imaginable. In a.m. went on enthusiastic informative ranger's guided walk up "Little Surprise Canyon". In the group was a couple that immediately looked appealing to me and turned out to be people we had camped together with in Culp Valley, Anza Borrego, in March 2001. The fellow, my age, is a retired aerospace engineer who does watercolors we like a lot, the woman is much younger, works as a nanny, and they are both health nuts like us and generally share our political and philosophical world view. She is the one who recognized us! We had stayed in contact for a while after our last encounter but eventually lost touch (before our pocketmail days). We are camping near each other until they have to go back in Jan. They are even more familiar with the park then we are, but a lot of their favorite places are not accessible to the Harvey. Her sister works in a health-food store and may be able to get some supplements for us at a reduced price. They have issued an invite to visit them while they ranch-sit in Nogales in the Spring (they live in Santa Monica), so we’ll make a real effort to stay in touch this time. We have a lot in common with them, I think. They camp in a little Dodge van without any conveniences and live very simply in general, not using a lot of resources and being conscious of their environmental impact, all of which I admire. We also met a woman school teacher of 8th grade science in SF, also camping in her car, who we have had some really stimulating conversations with. We liked her ideas a lot on how to get complex science ideas across to people without scaring them. It's amazing how we meet so many people everywhere who share our concern about the dangers of religious beliefs and yet the society is going the other way. It must have something to do with the environments we place ourselves in - museums, wildlife preserves and parks, etc. It’s a self-selection process, I guess. We met another person with whom we had a lot to share and a lot of agreement in The Living Desert - she works in the Gift shop there and is an artist. We met up later and she really liked Bill’s work - turned us on to where the art supply store was, thought Bill should think about selling some of his stuff. Trouble is, he wants to keep all his originals! Then, on X-mass eve we took a longish hike up a canyon that gave us spectacular sunset views over the purple and blue Borrego Valley and walked back in the silent cold almost-full moonlight. We both felt it was the perfect x-mas eve. Hope yours was as wonderful. H