SnowBird Diaries
Naked Ladies
Sat, 19 Aug 2006
Dear John and Delia,

Although the spring flowers have mostly gone from the headlands now, the road out to the point and along Heider Field is newly lined with "Naked Ladies". These brilliant pink Amaryllis lilies have started springing forth two feet high, leafless, like unexpected fireworks out of a sea of dry grass, fruiting blackberry patches and multicolored clumps of wild radish. I walk this route almost every day in the late afternoon and early evening. Suddenly, without warning, the Naked Ladies are there - exploding out if the ground, intense pink, complete and perfect, suggesting spring when all around them is approaching autumn. Each day, more and more. Astonishing!

Not to be outdone in late summer color, the Mendo Cafe garden offers a gorgeous display of domestic flowers one can enjoy from their patio. On an unusually cold, misty late afternoon recently we enjoyed a VERY spicy coconut soup and were amazed it heated us enough we could enjoy eating out on their patio in spite of the 55 degree temperature.

Ingrid, the potter, keeps her fantastic flower display going, too. I learned recently her father came from Leipzig as my mother did. We compared notes on the extreme sensitivity of "Saxony" Germans regarding their inability to speak "high" German. People are so strange! They will use anything as an excuse to discriminate against others.

Love, H