SnowBird Diaries
Rain at Blair Valley
Mon, 23 Feb 2004
We holed up in a lush spot where the cactus, agaves, and yuccas and other plants are so thick it is like a desert jungle. It rained pretty much most of Fri, Sat and Sun and in between we walked over to see the remains of the old Butterfield Stage route (Tucson to SF) and also were stunned by the clouds parting briefly to reveal snow on the Mountains W and SW of us. Our new friend, Robin Rose caught up with us after her car was fixed and we had a good time talking and drinking tea and suggesting movies to each other. Bill put out the awning so she could go on cooking outdoors, but it was too cold for him to continue sketching and painting so we spent most of the time reading some of the good stuff we have with us. Late Sun she went on to Yuma where she has a friend. She wants to get some dental work done over the border where her friend knows a good dentist and then maybe next week she will catch up with us in KofA. We so much appreciate having another camper traveling with us in these remote areas. It is certainly more comfortable being in the Lazy Daze than it would be in the Lance under similar circumstances, but it is definitely more nerve-wracking in terms of negotiating the wet and sandy dirt roads in and out of these areas.

Love, H