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Sun, 7 Mar 2004 13:33:28 -0800
Thurs, 3/4, 6 pm. Sitting here watching a gorgeous sunset, lots of spectacular dark clouds but rising barometer. This a.m. Robin Rose and I walked up the wash seeing if we could identify every tree and major shrub (we mostly could) and looking at birds and bird nests (lots - some birds are nesting already and there must not be a lot of predators since they are generally quite close to the ground). It is fun to have someone to share an interest like that who isn't so far beyond one in knowledge. We can puzzle out together what we see. But we'll soon part since she is moving on to meet a friend up north on Monday and we'll return to Quartzsite then, too, to get an antenna placed on the Harvey for our telephones and to replace the original awning with something sturdy. We knew it couldn't compare with those on the Lance the first time Bill set it up and it began to deform almost immediately. So, we will have something much tougher installed. Quartzsite is sure the place for desert RV equipment!

Bill is really focused on his pen and ink and colored pencil stuff and I see a definite improvement - almost on a daily basis. I am trying to convince him that what people consider valuable is ORIGINALS, not copies - but he doesn't like the idea of parting with any.

The lenses to my glasses have fallen out several times. We tried super-glue but that didn't do the trick. Now we thinking of getting another pair - going back to Yuma/Algodones to see the eye doctor Robin went to that she liked a lot. We would do that Tues. and call the Casa Grande people begging them to please hold on to our mail. I am so curious if any of the items we have been expecting have come to the house, yet, like a Life Extension order for Tyrosine, which Robin recommended I take. Apparently it is a precursor for dopamine, which she thinks could give me more energy. Also I am expecting a repaired pedometer that was on a warrantee.

It sure was fun to hear your voice yesterday - wish I could hear it more often. Wonder how you are spending your time when you are not busy blowing out hoses? I give you all the details of my little trivial activities - but I don't hear much from you. Have you seen Jeanie? Wonder what the final evaluation was on Cris and if it was helpful for the school.

Love, H