SnowBird Diaries
RE: Mail package
Mon, 28 Jun 2004
Great. How about you crawl inside and get yourself delivered, too? We did a fun thing Thursday night. Went to see a performance of a group that comes up to Casper each year (and tours elsewhere, too) doing improvisational comedy. The audience suggests the topics and then the actors use one of a series of routines they have worked out over the years > >to act out the suggestion. For example the MC asked for the name of a poem that they've never heard of and a country that didn't exist. Audience member suggestions were "Menstrual Blues" and Lower Slobovia. Then the MC introduced one of the cast as a world famous poet from Lower Slobovia who unfortunately did not speak English, so he would translate. Then he explained, for the "thinking impaired" one of the other > >cast members would act out the meaning of the poem. It was pretty hilarious as the so-called poet gave an emotional imitation of just about every language in the world, the MC translated it into improbable English verse and the body language interpreter threw herself into a wildly energetic acting out of the English. In another skit, the audience suggested a topic and two groups of two actors did two-speak where they alternated saying the next word in every sentence while supposedly having a conversation between the two sets on the suggested topic. Since it was plain each person supplying a word could not anticipate the prior word, but they were trying to keep the dialogue on the subject they ended up with sentences that surprised everyone including themselves. There were musical numbers (a reunion of the beetles in a English pub was the suggestion) with hilarious accents, a bit on Chelsea Clinton rather like charades where a cast member playing the role of her school headmaster, who went out of the room during the audience suggestions) had to guess what Chelsea had done wrong and answer questions from the outraged parents (presumably Hillary and Bill) while not being sure what they were talking about and frantically looking for hints. Anyway, lots of funny stuff. Stayed out late but it was worth it.

Love, H